New TEF Occasional Paper 6: Seascape Characterisation for the Forth-Tay Marine Planning Region


Seascape Characterisation can be defined as the “process of identifying and describing variation in the character of the seascape, and using this information to assist in managing change in the seascape.”  Seascape is a consideration within Marine Planning. It is highlighted both within the UK Marine Policy Statement (2011) and Scotland’s National Marine Plan (2015).  Regional marine planning has begun to consider seascape characterisation as baseline information to support decision-making. Two Marine Planning Partnerships, Shetland and Clyde, have commissioned regional seascape characterisations.  This report aims to provide a summary of understanding, and considerations which might support future seascape characterisation for the Forth and Tay marine region. Please click the link below to read this latest TEF Occasional Paper in the series.

Forth Tay Seascape Characterisation Report  (T.Stojanovic et al. 2016)