The Tay Estuary Forum brings together organisations and individuals with a common interest in the welfare and sustainable use of the Tay Estuary and adjacent coastline. Our area stretches from the River North Esk on the Angus coastline, to Fife Ness, including the Tay Estuary to its tidal limit at Scone. A Steering Group, comprising representatives from key organisations that operate within the region, meet regularly to manage the direction and progression of the work of the Forum, and a Secretariat based at the University of Dundee, takes care of the day-to-day business.

The wider body of the Tay Estuary Forum is represented by a Mailing List comprising 500+ people with an interest in regional issues, which the TEF communicates on via quarterly newsletters, annual conference and information events. You may receive updates by joining the TEF Mailing List.

Individuals and organisations on the mailing list are encouraged to participate in Forum discussions, which relate to various themes on coastal and marine management, ranging from Water Quality, Fishing , Sustainable Economic Development, Recreation, Nature Conservation and Education.

It is hoped that through improved co-ordination and communication between these diverse interests and users, future conflicts within the coastal zone can be minimised and that management will progress towards a common vision for the coast of east central Scotland.

The TEF is currently funded by contributions from its Steering Group and Marine Scotland